About Greencastle Consulting


 When a company is looking for a program and project management firm that is organized, data-driven, focused doing things right the first time with a mission first approach, that is us.  

We recognize we aren’t the right fit for every project, and we don’t try to be.

We focus on creating structure from chaos, making their project less painful through constant communication and value-added project management. We want to get involved early in the process, listen to their needs and requirements, and either lead or assist their team in developing the most robust, long term solution. 


We do it right the first time | We do it fast | We do it with less people

Can we do run-of-the-mill project management or staff augmentation? Sure, but those projects get boring and our veterans are looking for a challenge. As part of our culture and background, we love a challenge. 

We perform at our best with clients that need help executing their strategic plan. Most projects we manage have budget north of $100M and are team based. They range from a software implementation to aligning several business units on a standardized business process. If a client is starting a project and needs to know if they are truly ready for the upcoming change, we help there too.  

If that’s the fit they are looking for, that’s us. 

If a client is concerned about low billable rates and comparing us against the “body shops”, we aren’t what they need. In the end, they’ll get what they pay for. 

If they are comparing the “BIG” guys to us, we will beat them most of the time in cost and all the time in value added. More importantly, we actually listen to our client’s needs, assist them in executing their strategic plans, streamline their processes and create change that sticks. We meet short notice requests, mitigate risks and solve problems, best of all, we won’t need to be micromanaged. 

The long-term value of our partnerships are based on mutual success. We are only successful if our client is successful. They fail because we failed them.  


We implement critical initiatives for our clients.

We create structure from chaos.

 We are recognized as the ‘go-to’ firm for the complex, no-failure, make-or-break projects.


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