Readiness Assessments

Measuring readiness is a systematic analysis of an organization’s ability to undertake a transformational process or change.

The Project Readiness Evaluation Process is a systematic look at the full spectrum of implementation issues. This evaluation process will examine the potential impact to your organization, people, technology and process — with a deliberate focus on the key success factors for planned implementation.

Organizations can conduct their own assessments, however the results will be swayed by internal politics, organizational perceptions and personal feelings. A relatively inexpensive assessment conducted by an unbiased third party accomplishes several critical tasks:

  1. Delivers a true picture of the current state
  2. Mitigates political and internal bias
  3. Answers not only how prepared the organization is for the project, but why they are in that particular state of readiness
  4. Minimizes cost over runs and budget creep
  5. Reduces project delays
  6. Improves communication

By accomplishing these tasks, your organization will reduce cost and maximize the bottom line.