Project Management

Leadership, Structure and Emotional Intelligence

Greencastle will coordinate all project activities from each work group, including project plans, project controls, vendor management, organizational change management and the integration of all process and policy changes. While being prudent about the use of the staff’s time, Greencastle will lead highly interactive groups and individual work sessions designed to engage customers in the project. This will build staff ownership that they will need to embrace the change. Overall, Greencastle will integrate and apply best practices of Project Management, Change Management and Process Improvement.

Greencastle’s Project Management approach conforms to the recommended structure from the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK. However, our experience has shown that the project infrastructure will need to be “right sized” for the project. The Project Manager must select the appropriate project management framework, tools, methods and operating tempo. The guiding principles for this adjustment will be to ensure the project is being conducted efficiently and effectively and that the project management does not become the project.