Process Improvement

Process Improvement Owned by Your Organization

Process Improvement activities involve the facilitation of internal team members to develop the process solutions enabled by new technology. Planning for a process redesign effort will specify teams, timing and the scope of the improvement effort. In other words, the process improvement plan must identify what to change, why to make the change and who will be involved in the work activity. Professional facilitation by a team that includes process experts and vendor representatives will result in lasting process changes that improve performance.

Facilitated Approach

Greencastle utilizes best practices built on over 21 years of experience for collaborative process improvement and workflow development. We leverage the organization’s internal expertise along with vendor subject matter experts to implement process improvement. This best practice approach maximizes end user participation – which creates buy-in, reduces resistance to foreign methods and demonstrates confidence in your team. Facilitated and collaborative process improvement involves consensus building to achieve optimal and agreeable level of standardization.

The Key Success Factor for process redesign is not to automate the existing process, but to find opportunities that enhance operational processes.

Together, we will innovate, improve outcomes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, streamline and optimize.  Process improvement also includes developing a process for data collection and usage approach for continuous improvement.