Greencastle fully recognizes, honors, and complies with the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.

We appreciate the values, leadership, and unique skills Service members bring to the workforce and will encourage opportunities to hire Guardsmen, Reservists, and Veterans.

We will continually recognize and support our country’s Service members and their families, in peace, in crises, and in war.

“We hereby pledge our commitment to actively hire veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. We value and recognize the leadership, training, character and discipline that our veterans and members of the National Guard and Reserve bring to our company and the American workforce.”

Recent Company Survey Comments

“Great Culture. Great Leadership. Always keeps us informed. Family First. Great Compensation. Always a Plan to Move Forward. Future Looks Great. Long Term Employee Training Plans. Military Mindset. Everyone in the Company is a Friend.”.”

“Everyone understands the challenges of transitioning from the military and the all veteran atmosphere provides the same sense of camaraderie I enjoyed in the military.”

“Great culture, growing company, opportunities for personal growth and advancement, sound leadership and management structure, feeling of value and purpose, sense of community, relationships built on trust.”

Has Your Career Prepared You For a Life at Greencastle?

Do you thrive under pressure and readily seize the initiative? Can you organize others, serve clients well and harness change? Are you part leader, part problem solver? If so, life at Greencastle will suit you well.

As a baseline, we seek top-tier skill sets across a wide spectrum of backgrounds, including business operations, project management, process improvement, organizational change, IT AND healthcare administration. But that’s just where we start.

As an outgrowth of our core values, Greencastle maintains a collegial atmosphere based on respectful, determined collaboration. We emphasize dynamic learning and think of our careers as ongoing apprenticeships. This aspect of the distinctive Greencastle culture promotes experience sharing, knowledge transfer and professional development. Together, these skills, traits, and experience make up what we refer to as “A-Players.”

Greencastle consultants may have specific expertise, but this is not where we focus. Instead, we are all accomplished at enabling experts across a variety of business, technology and management problems or projects. This essential quality is a key to maximizing the value of change, from the board room to the exam room to the data center.

The Greencastle Recruiting Process

Exceptional talent is critical to our success. To maintain our standards, we’ve adopted a rigorous candidate review process to evaluate competencies and assess compatibility.

In an initial interview, we’ll explore your fit with Greencastle’s values and qualities. In the second session, we’ll focus more closely on skills appraisal.

Current Openings

Associate Management Consultant

Working under a Management Consultant, Senior Management Consultant or Director, Associates provide problem solving, client team leadership, subject matter expertise and operational support

Major Responsibilities

  • Apply proper tools and methods to meet the client’s definition of success.
  • Interact closely with clients to ensure completion of individual tasks. Assist the client team in meeting all requirements and provide specialized training.
  • Provide status and insight to team leaders and directors regarding the progress and realized value of the Greencastle team and the client team. Communicate engagement progress and results to client management with meaningful data.
  • Provide feedback and seek improvement regarding internal processes and service delivery.


  • Military veteran, experienced in military planning processesJOINT (JOPP) ARMY (MDMPNAVY (NPP) MARINE CORPS. (MCPP) AIR FORCE (JOPPA)
  • Bachelor’s degree in a process-oriented field plus a minimum of five years of work experience. Strong computer literacy in a variety of software applications.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills enabling interaction with diverse groups of individuals at all levels of an organization.
  • Significant leadership experience in a team-oriented environment. Demonstrated ability to achieve superior results in dynamic or ambiguous situations with minimal supervision. Experience as a military leader is highly regarded.
  • Strong analytical and planning skills. Experience in defining and resolving problems with responsibility for planning and implementing solutions.
  • Best qualified candidates have industry certifications, PMP, LSSBB, etc.

Business Intelligence Consultant

Business Intelligence Analysts use data to capture the pulse of current trends to better assist companies with KPIs, decision-making, and profitability. Consultants work with data from multiple locations. Data can be provided from a company database, be mined from the web or by leveraging a client’s company data. The collected data is then transformed to create a dynamic picture of the current state and the best path for a company to take in the future.

Data visualization is about presenting large amounts of information in ways that are universally understandable or easy to interpret and spot patterns, trends, and correlations. These representations include charts, graphs, infographics, and other pictorial diagrams.  These visualizations are typically ‘drillable’ in nature, providing a consistent interface for front-line workers and leaders alike.  Business Intelligence Consultants use visualization tools and software to communicate information in these ways, for clients or for their own company.

Major Responsibilities

    • Making large and/or complex data more accessible, understandable, and usable
    • Transforming, improving, and integrating data, depending on the business requirements
    • Understanding ‘what question am I trying to answer?’ from the client’s perspective, and designing reports to give the ‘so what’, backed by the data
    • Combining the data sets across multiple sources (also known as the data federation)
    • Delivering the data in a useful and appealing way to users
    • Utilize company resources to curate data Analyze data for market trends and patterns
    • Generate weekly and monthly reports with market trends past and present
    • Design new data collection models to better collect information
    • Coordinate with IT department to implement new models
    • Perform data profiling to identify anomalies


    • Military Veteran
    • Advanced degree preferred, minimum Bachelor’s degree
    • 5+ years in an analytical position
    • Familiarity with Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, R, and/or other data visualization tools
    • Experience integrating new software, programs, and processes into data services
    • Capable of prioritizing multiple projects while still achieving deadlines
    • Excellent analytical and forecasting ability
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Budget Controller

Budget Controllers are responsible for creating, tracking, and controlling a budget for projects, programs, or portfolios. This includes financial performance against an authorized plan, analyzing performance, trends, and operating conditions to create forecasts. Budget Controllers provide periodic reports that assist senior management in making tactical and strategic decisions.

Major Responsibilities

  • Coordinating and directing the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances
  • Monitor the status of budget spending/activity by reviewing financial reports
  • Preparing and publishing timely monthly financial statements
  • Prevent unauthorized charges to projects and manage updates to project authorizations/spend plans.
  • Ensure proper accounting or actual spend/revenue, including journal entry corrections, accruals, and deferrals.
  • Approve transactions and use of funds for departments.
  • Coordinate and direct the preparation of the budget and financial forecasts and report variances
  • Prepare and publish timely monthly financial performance reports
  • Coordinate the preparation of regulatory reporting, and audit responses
  • Research technical accounting issues for compliance
  • Support month-end and year-end close process
  • Ensure quality control over financial transactions and financial reporting
  • Manage and comply with organizational, local, state, and federal government reporting requirements
  • Develop and document business processes and accounting policies to maintain and strengthen internal controls


  • Military Veteran
  • Proven working knowledge and experience with GAAP and Financial theory
  • Advanced Degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting is preferable
  • Thorough knowledge of accounting principles and procedures
  • Experience with creating financial statements and custom reporting
  • Experience with general ledger functions and the month-end/year end close process
  • Strong working knowledge of Excel and financial modeling
  • Excellent analytical, decision-making, and problem solving skills
  • Attention to accuracy and detail required