Senior Leadership

Greencastle provides consultants who are accomplished, dynamic leaders. Our people bring a proven history of achievement from many industries, such as healthcare, energy, cable, manufacturing, retail, economic development and service provision.

Celwyn Evans, CLSSBB
Senior Partner

A senior leader responsible for strategic direction, product development, knowledge management and training, Celwyn holds more than 20 years of management and consulting experience. Prior to forming Greencastle, Evans worked independently as a project manager and with an environmental engineering consulting firm. Celwyn is a retired U.S. Army Ranger, where he served 22 years of service as an officer. Currently, he is chairman of the board of the Southern Berks Regional Emergency Medical Services and a founding member of the Keystone Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Celwyn earned a degree in chemistry and environmental science from Kutztown University.

Joe Crandall, CLSSBB

Joe Crandall grew up in a small Nevada town where he envisioned a limited future. At the age of eighteen, he joined the Navy to put himself on a more promising path. While enlisted, he became an Electronics Technician and ultimately earned a commission through the Naval Academy in 1996 with a BS in General Engineering. After graduation, Joe moved to Coronado where he went to Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School (BUD/S) training, later being assigned to SEAL Team 5, where he served until 2003. A year prior to departing from the Navy, Joe was diagnosed with colon cancer at 30-years-old. Ultimately, he beat his diagnosis and became a proud cancer survivor. Joe married his wife, Colleen, in 1998 and now has three kids: Lauren (8), Michael (10), and Andrew (12). He became a director at Greencastle in 2012 and is now part owner. Greencastle, being founded by three Army Ranger buddies, began in 1997, and the company’s culture is what initially inspired Joe to get involved. Today, it is still 100% veteran-owned and operated, offering management consulting services to the Fortune 50 companies in the Philadelphia area.  Joe earned  his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from Villanova University. Today, Joe’s day-to-day role in the company includes managing employees, overseeing the satisfaction of clients, and leading the firm’s marketing and sales activities. Additionally, he represents Greencastle at networking events, designs and executes the business’ strategies, and continues to drive the company forward alongside his partner. In his personal life, Joe is on the board of The Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN) and the Liberty USO. In his free time, he volunteers with his sons’ local Boy Scouts unit.

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